Titanium frames and cycling

Nevi was born in 1992 when mr. Sergio Finazzi decided to make his greatest passion in a new profession. In fact He has been a professional cyclist from 1987 to 1990 and he ran with Remac-Fanini team, Fanini-Seven up team, Verynet Juvenes team (San Marino Republic) and Chateau d’Ax-Salotti team: he won the Tirreno – Adriatico stage in 1987 and he finished the 14th stage of Italian Tour in 1988 on Gavia mountain, when a terrible snowfall surpised the cyclists and the 70% of them finished that stage thanks to public transports.

His career wasn’t so long, but his passion let him keep on working in this field producing high quality titanium bicycles and frames. In 1992 everybody was working with steel and alluminium was starting to be considerated for frame production. So mr. Finazzi decided to do something different, he chose titanium for his works.

Mr. Finazzi learnt by himself to work with titanium and he uses a welding chamber completely isolated and full of gas argon to obtain a better product compared with the typical process; the welding chamber is quite difficult to use beacuse he has to work “far” from the welding, wearing a pair of thick rubber gloves.

Nevi company doesn’t produce only frames and bicycles but also other objects like prothesis, cups, mechanical components, etc. As soon as mr. Finazzi has spare time, he tries his own bicycles on the road to be sure that his products are always the best.

So thanks to his experience and passion titanium frames and cycling have become one.

Indeed, the experience of an ex-professional cyclist counts….And not a little.


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