Titanium Cycles, Stelvio 2013 – Nevi, the titanium bike company

Here the new models of titanium cycles 2013.


– Seamless tubes – Five standard sizes
– Custom made option – round section downtube dia. 48mm. – tapered 1,5” headtube – bottom bracket BSA ( 1,37×24 ) – Built also for Shimano Dura Ace Di2 – Life time warranty

A high performance frame. Ti aerospace alloy 3AL-2,5V the right high – quality material for all the racing
Classic structure combines with unique properties and a high tensile strength.
Ti aerospace alloy used for aerospace applications, engine components and for automotive industry used in special applications in high performance and racing cars when weight is critical, usually in reciprocating and rotating parts, such as valves, valve springs, connecting rods, and rocker arms.

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Are you looking for a road bike frame? Carbonium or titanium?

Nevertheless carbon fiber is the most used material for road bike frames at the moment, titanium is better for many reasons.

  1. titanium absorbs the shocks of the road better than carbonium, the titanium frame helps you not to lose your power riding;
  2. titanium helps those cyclists who have problems of posture and backache because is more elastic than carbonium and absorbs the shocks of the road;
  3. carbonium and aluminium frames change their features during their life time;
  4. there aren’t substantial differences of prices between an aluminium and a titanium frame.

The titanium road bike framethanks to its specific features, gives you the sensation to smooth your path.

In particular, Nevi produces really trustful road bike frames thanks to its unique method of welding.

Titanium made in Italy

Not many people know that, but Italy gave a really important contribution to the production of titanium bicycles. During the 70’s, mr. Amelio Riva (from Mozzo, a little village near Bergamo, north of Italy) created a brand called “Trecià” which had the aim to produce the first titanium bicycles. During the Cold War titanium was used only for military purposes and it wasn’t so easy to find, so mr. Riva procured the materials by himself and produced the tubes. He even bought the weld chamber from the company Auto Delta.

We are proud and thankful to have so many amazing people who honor our country!

Environmental Sustainability

Bicycles are often praised for being energy efficient and non-polluting.

The amount of energy required to produce a bicycle is tiny compared to many other forms of transport. A 7.2kg road bicycle with a carbon frame uses 11,546,658,000 Joules of energy during its production compared to 118,284,466,000 for a ‘generic car’. Variations exist based on bicycle type and other external factors, but even taking this into consideration, the bicycle has a low embodied energy. Additionally, bicycle lane construction is less energy intensive than roads for automobiles, requiring a smaller amount of space and minimal foundations.

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What is Titanium?

The name Titan comes from the latin name Titanusname given to Gea’s and Uranus’ sons according to Greek mythology.

According to the Greek poet Esiodo (Seventh century B.C.), who wrote the Teogonia book in which explained the birth of the world and the divine generations, there were twelve Titans: Ceo, Crio, Crono, Febe, Giapeto, Iperione, Minemosine, Oceano, Rea, Tea, Temi, Teti.

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