Titanium Frames: welding techniques

There are two different methods to weld a titanium frame: the first one, provides to weld the tubes putting gas Argon externally; the second one, provides the use of a welding chamber.

The second method is a welding chamber in which is created the vacuum and then it’s filled with gas Argon. This method is both expensive and hard to manage but it’s better because inside the isolated chamber the welding is done in a protective gas Argon atmosphere and frames are rectified in a warm atmosphere. Only with this method the welding can be made in a large section to obtain a monocoque titanium frame.

Moreover, the welds influence the performance of the bicycle: the welding chamber method allows to  obtain a frame with better mechanical features and the flexion of the tubes, welded with this technique, is reduced by 35% compared with other types of weld.

Nevi technology is the same as in aeronautical and chemical parts as in bike frames. The only one technology that can certify the titanium welding forever.

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