The great emotion of a downhill in the snow with Nevi. By bicycle.

“Snow Bike” an amazing downhill from 3000 to 1200 m on snow tracks riding special titanium cycles.

A new experience full of adrenalin on Bormio tracks nad the protagonists are Nevi cycles from Chiuduno; Nevi is a company specialized in titanium cycles since 1992. Sergio Finazzi explains: “We are crazy about titanium, and to work it we use a technology which has no rivals in the world” – and he is the owner of Nevi and the protagonist of a dramatic downhill in the snow with Antonio Silva (coach and person in charge for the Italia downhill team), Umberto Corti (mtb athlete) and Silvio Mevio (instructor, mtb trainer and national person in charge for instructors training at the Mountain bike italian school). “Being good “Bergamaschi”, we dedicated all our efforts to improve obsessively our products and to refine our exclusive techniques, but probably we neglected to aware the world about them. Now we would like that our virtues were less secrets. An exemple: we have just launched our last creations, the Gobi Desert mtb and the road bike Spinas models, with the aim of gaining optimal levels of rigidity and response to the pedaling”. Nevi builds cycle frames both with its own brand and for other prestigious italian and foreign brands. Finazzi gives an important suggestion: “To cycle down in the snow you need spiked wheels. The rest is fantasy, creativeness and the will of trying even if you need to be an expert cyclist and not a novice”.

(Article from Bergamo Economia, February 2012)

Visit our website for further information about our titanium cycles.


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