Andrea Tiberi and Umberto Corti are in training with the Italian national cross country Team in Massa Marittima and during their workouts have made ​​this nice video.

“I knew Massa Marittima some years ago.” Explains Umberto ” The first time, I came here  in retreat, was the 2009 because it is a wonderful area to train thanks to long single track and dirt roads immersed in the bush. This year, the retreat is even more important because Andrea and I are testing and taking the right feeling with the new materials. In this video played during this morning training around Massa we tested Marzocchi fork settings, new  Tufo XC5, Formula R1R brakes and we got to the limits our titanium frames made ​​by Nevi  as well as Controltech components. We noticed that the materials react very well thanks to a close collaboration and direct development with the companies. We are very happy! Now we hope to bring our bicycles up in the most important competitions. “


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