Gioele Bertolini ” Winning the International of Italy is something  rewarding. Here you do not win by accident. Here you have to be a good biker. It is very important for me to give extremely exciting and success who support me, sponsors and team. The Italian International Xc races are an essential showcase for the athletes and for sponsors. “


 Also good for elite Andrea Tiberi, 7th until the last lap. Then placed  11th and 2nd Italian racer. “The race was technically difficult. Very strong pace and path as always very hard for athletes and for bikes. I did not want to lose the trail of the best. Unfortunately, in the end something was missing. Too bad because I wanted to get into the top ten. I had good feelings, up and I’m sure for mid-May when the World Cup will start my condition will be even better. “

939X0274 939X9980

Good race also for the Under Tommaso Caneva placed 35th and 11th  overall Under 23. “I’m happy, I touched the top 10. For me, too, in the end something was missing, but I think that with a few races more in the legs overtake a better condition”.



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