K2 29ER

Titanium is almost expired among the materials used during the races, but in Italy, there are some teams who keep apprising it. Team ControlTech Nevi, for instance, decided to use it  profusely, but it’s not all about the light materials. Its athletes, in fact, showed great skills during Italian XC championship, obtaining great results, such as the victory of Gioele Bertolini among the Junior riders and Andrea Tiberi, who arrived second among the elites.

The bike Nevi used by Bertolini was showed in Marzocchi stand, and we gave a closer look to it. It has a titanium frame, customized on Nevi’s specifications, featuring many interesting details, such a steering angle of 70 degrees, and a weight of only 9 kilos. Moreover, it’s equipped with a Marzocchi 29” fork.

from by Simone Lanciotti



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