Matteo Carrara – NEVI brand Ambassador presentation

Matteo Carrara is an ex-professional cyclist who’s career
took place between 2001 and 2012, during these years he
has participated in all the most important and iconic races in
the world of cycling.
He managed to conquer the first place of the Tour of
Luxemburg, leaving behind him Lance Armstrong. He also
participated in the Tour De France and Giro d’Italia in teams
like Quickstep and VacanSoleil.
In his early years Matteo used to cycle with a Nevi bike
winning several races with it and developed a strong
relationship with Nevi’s owner, Sergio Finazzi, an exquisite
person with a passion for cycling deeply installed in his dna,
which is what drove him to then produce the most exclusive
and performing titanium bike frames in the world.
carrara on bike
After retiring from his career as a pro-cyclist, Carrara immersed himself in the world of
PR. Thanks to his previous strong relationship with Sergio they then decided to start a
collaboration, making Carrara the new global brand ambassador for Nevi. He now lives
in London and manages events and experiential rides all over the world, with a strong
focus in the UK and Europe.
He has an all-year-round presence in main cycling events such as the Giro d’Italia,
Eurobike, LikeBike Monte Carlo, London 100 and many others.
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Nevi Titanium Bikes is the world’s leading full titanium bikes brand.
With a history starting back in 1992, the northern Italian company
disposes of the latest titanium welding machineries, vacuum chambers
and water-jet cutting systems which all contribute to create full titanium
bikes of the best quality currently available on the market.
Their trademark is the titanium fork, which is the result of years of
manufacturing and research done from the Italian company, giving them
an edge compared to the all the other titanium frame builders around the
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