Savile Row Experience: innovating craftsmanship since 1992 Nevi has realized bespoke tailored frames for our most demanding customers, but we have decided to perfect our method and make it more accessible and scientific.

Savile Row Experience’s name is inspired by the most famous tailor street of London, synonymous of quality and attention for details.

Nowadays bikefitting has some limits which can’t be ignored:

  • the cyclist is adapted to an existing bike, without the possibility of modify the frame’s geometry;
  • it is done by a specialist external to the frame’s manufacturer;
  • it is exactly like buying a suit. A standard size suit can be brought to a tailor and it is possible to have it adjusted, but some features of our build whichmakes us unique are impossible to settle. Our system it’s a famous of craftsmanship and technology.Under the measures acquired from the pistons and other parameters are processed by a software coded by eng. Alessandro Leidi, wich display in real time the frame geometry.

    The specialist, by moving and adjusting the pistons can modify the input measures and this the frame geometry until the perfect position is reached.

    The calculated frame features are then given to the frame builder.

    To each customer will correspond a unique frame, completely designed to match both his build and the desired employment just like a custom made product can do.