the launch of the project took place on Saturday 22 September, 2012 at 12.00 at the stand Controltech Expobici in Padua

A huge number of visitors to our stand with many compliments on the new team.

the first ride on the new bike Nevi that will accompany us throughout the 2013 season.

It will be a team that in 2013 will focus on cross country.

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andrea tiberi

welcome Andrea Tiberi

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Andrea Tiberi placed 1st – GF Muretto Alassio

Vittoria Gioele Schaan1 Gioele Schaan3

April 7th  Gioele Bertolini placed 3rd – Schaan Liechtenstein

gioele Schaan

Gioele2 Schaan Tiberi Schaan Tiberi Schaan1 Tiberi Schaan3 Tiberi Schaan4 Tiberi Schaan 2 Corti schaan 939X0453 IMG_8908

BERTOLINI GIOELE placed 1st Junior in Marlene Sunshine Race, April 14th,

Nalles ( Bolzano )

Gioele Nalles_n

                                                     Internazionali d’Italia XCO 
                                               Montichiari, Lombardia. 28 aprile 2013
                                               Gioele Bertolini placed 2nd
TIBI_o Andrea Tiberi Montichciari ocorti6_o corti tiberi montichiari o corti umberto_o corti_o Gioele Montcichiari 2 Gioele Montichciari o Gioele Montichciari_o Gioele Montichiari 1 Gioele Montichiari gioele montichiari_o partenza_o tiberi andrea_o tiberi_o

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