Road Bikes



Pure road performance – stiff and light – a very smooth ride feel  –  reactive and responsive.

The Spinas is a Nevi’s most reactive and responsive race bike. This is thanks not only to the huge down-tube but in part thanks to its oversized and tapered headtube. Like most modern race bikes, the shaping of the headtube and broad lower bearing help convey stiffness to the front end making for an agile bike that goes where you point it. The Spinas features a 11/2″ tapered headtube for incredible stiffness and when partnered with the Nevi tapered fork offers deft handling and incredible cornering.

The Nevi Spinas is available in 2 routing options: External Mechanical or Electronic.






Classic structure combines with unique properties and a high tensile strength.

The Stelvio is designed as a high performance race frame. The Stelvio LA1 is manufactured entirely from Ti aerospace grade alloy 3AL-2.5V (excluding drop-outs, BB shell and headtube which by function of design require a harder material 6AL-4V) and it uses broader tube diameters for improved stiffness. All the tubes are seamless and cold released and the down tube is 48mm diameter (10mm bigger than the now defunct Endurance focused Grimsel) for incredible stiffness and power transfer. The top tube is also larger and features a 35mm diameter ovalised section for increased lateral stiffness. The flattening of the top tube helps to counter the effects of the improved stiffness by creating an area of vertical compliance which when coupled to Titanium’s natural road buzz-killing qualities, makes for a racy frame that doesn’t punish the rider. S-Bend seatstays convey a little more comfort while enhancing the lateral stiffness when loaded. They also look amazing.

If you want the ultimate finish to your frame then the LA1 frames are truly something special : All the welds are smoothed down by hand – a process that literally takes hours and which leaves a stunning finish. In addition the bottom bracket shell and brake bridge are engraved with the Nevi logo and the frame is prepared for routing mechanical groupsets internally.

The Stelvio features a 11/2″ tapered headtube for incredible stiffness and when partnered with the Nevi tapered fork offers deft handling and incredible cornering.

stelvio LA1


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