Andrea Tiberi at Coupe de France

Andrea Tiberi ready for  a new challenge at Coupe de France VTT in Méribel(France) on Saturday, August 17th

Gioele Bertolini and Andrea Tiberi equipped with K2 Nevi  will be at World Championship  in Pietermaritzburg (South Africa) on August 29th – 31st





we wait for you at Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen – Germany

we wait for you at Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen – Germany
hall/stand no.: B3-202


June 22nd -Gioele Bertolini -Team Controltech NEVI – silver at European Championship in Bern Switzerland



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Team CONTROLTECH NEVI at World Cup XCO in Val di Sole

Elite Andrea Tiberi and Umberto Corti will take part at World Cup XCO’s round-3 in Commezzadura (Val di Sole, Italy) on Saturday, June 15th.  
And Junior Gioele Bertolini on Sunday, June 16th. 

Elite riders will be in action on their K2 and Gobi desert titanium MTB at 2.00 pm

Gioele will be in action on his K2 titanium MTB at 9.00am

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Gioele Bertolini wins the 4th round of Internazionali d’Italia in Gorizia ( Friuli ). Another important task for Team Controltech Nevi based in Monguzzo ( Lecco ) last Sunday 12th. 

Great day for the international “titanic”  team . Bad weather conditions with a big amount of mud that have made the path extreme, but a lot of fun and spectacular for the audience. In the Junior absolute domination of Gioele Bertolini.

 “I had no problems. As always keep up the pace on the first lap to also understand the situation of the opponents. I saw immediately that I was alone and I raced with great tranquility, with all the managerial staff informing me of the various detachments.  Another great victory and supremacy strengthened in the overall circuit of the Italian remains one of the objectives of the team and myself. My NEVI was great. Even in a muddy path. Now I wait for the World Cup aware that my condition is very good. “

Next meeting Sunday 19th in Albstadt (GER) for the first round of the World Cup!




Gioele Bertolini ” Winning the International of Italy is something  rewarding. Here you do not win by accident. Here you have to be a good biker. It is very important for me to give extremely exciting and success who support me, sponsors and team. The Italian International Xc races are an essential showcase for the athletes and for sponsors. “


 Also good for elite Andrea Tiberi, 7th until the last lap. Then placed  11th and 2nd Italian racer. “The race was technically difficult. Very strong pace and path as always very hard for athletes and for bikes. I did not want to lose the trail of the best. Unfortunately, in the end something was missing. Too bad because I wanted to get into the top ten. I had good feelings, up and I’m sure for mid-May when the World Cup will start my condition will be even better. “

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Good race also for the Under Tommaso Caneva placed 35th and 11th  overall Under 23. “I’m happy, I touched the top 10. For me, too, in the end something was missing, but I think that with a few races more in the legs overtake a better condition”.


Gioele Bertolini ( Controltech Nevi ) BMC racing CUP – Schaan Liechtenstein April 7th

Junior Gioele Bertolini  3rd place at BMC Racing CUP – Schaan

gioele SchaanGioele2 Schaan

Gioele Schaan3

Gioele Schaan1

Elite Andrea Tiberi placed 17th

Tiberi Schaan

Tiberi Schaan1 Tiberi Schaan3 Tiberi Schaan4 Tiberi Schaan 2


Elite Corti Umberto placed 37th

Corti schaan


Andrea Tiberi 1st place at “Marathon Muretto di Alassio” March 17, 2013


Andrea Tiberi

“I was in second place behind  Tony Longo. Fortunately for me, Tony had a puncture and I gained the first place. I also had a problem with a motorbike , that I had to avoid and so I fell. I rode well in the final. I did not expect this condition. But the location suited me and my legs have responded well. My first successful in Team Controltech Nevi. I’m happy and I dedicate it to my team ”

ホームページ作ってる・・あ〜 いっ〜 「アタマ」おかしくなりそぉ

NEVI in Japan



Andrea Tiberi and Umberto Corti are in training with the Italian national cross country Team in Massa Marittima and during their workouts have made ​​this nice video.

“I knew Massa Marittima some years ago.” Explains Umberto ” The first time, I came here  in retreat, was the 2009 because it is a wonderful area to train thanks to long single track and dirt roads immersed in the bush. This year, the retreat is even more important because Andrea and I are testing and taking the right feeling with the new materials. In this video played during this morning training around Massa we tested Marzocchi fork settings, new  Tufo XC5, Formula R1R brakes and we got to the limits our titanium frames made ​​by Nevi  as well as Controltech components. We noticed that the materials react very well thanks to a close collaboration and direct development with the companies. We are very happy! Now we hope to bring our bicycles up in the most important competitions. “